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Emotional Oil Therapy (By Donation+$25 for Oils)

Emotional oil therapy is the application of therapeutic grade oils to access the emotional trauma stored in the physical, spiritual and emotional body. We start by applying oils to the chakra areas creating a spiritual connection between the physical and emotional. Then with acupressure techniques we access the emotional pain stored in the body. The resultant emotional release allows for a clearing of ancestral and childhood trauma that restricts the manifestation of a joyful, abundant life. Accessing our emotional body and clearing the traumas that have occurred throughout our life is the single most important step to healing.  
Our experience has taught us that a great deal of a persons health condition is controlled by their emotional condition. We feel this area of life is often either misunderstood or ignored. We call it soul work because in our modeling we found that a persons lifetime of emotional experiences are stored or better put repressed in the soul. By bringing out these past life events and emotionally clearing them optimum health is restored.

Treatment time from 1-2 hrs.
What is emotional healing? How do I become the living powerful soul that I was designed to be with a perfect, healthy spirit and perfect, healthy physical body?

"This new soul incarnating in pristine condition with capabilities and powers beyond our conception begins to take on the prejudices, restrictions, fears, resentments of the parents".   Herein lies the diseased state.

At conception the emotional body, the soul in religious terminology, incarnates and creates a separate identity with a spirit body and a physical body. The emotional body or soul of that incarnating being is a separate person from the parents and at the time of incarnation is perfect. The emotional body, energy on motion or soul is the source of life for the growing person.

Within the soul already present are the characteristics that make that soul unique. It contains the wants, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires of that incarnating entity just as the spirit body and the physical body contains the blueprint for how those bodies could develop. 

Upon incarnation the soul begins to receive input from its environment. It is within the design of the three bodies to create the maximum capability to survive so it is important that the bodies prepare to live in the world into which they will be born. The bodies are connected by ethereal and energetic wiring allowing the bodies to interact and carry out their related functions. 

It is the emotional body that receives the input and programs the other bodies. Rewriting the DNA of the physical and spirit bodies so as to best live in the environment outside the womb. This programming by the soul does not stop until death. 

Recent experiments have shown that although the fundamentals of the physical body are present within the egg and the sperm the physical body itself is actually programmed inutero to best allow the fetus to survive. Scientists are working on the mechanism by which this happens but unless they acknowledge the spirit body and the soul, the source of the individuals life, they will only be speculating as to the mechanism. 

In the movie, What The Bleep Do We a Know, some of the greatest scientists including quantum physicists in the world come together to discover what it's all about. I was struck by the statement that no matter what they do, no matter where they look they cannot find the source of what is called the observer. Who or what is looking through your eyes? They have looked in every physical part of the body, the physical brain and they cannot find where the observer resides. 

It is the emotional body, the soul that they are looking for. 

When a body dies, as I have observed many times as a volunteer at a hospice, there is more occurs than the brain not working and the heart not beating. The person that was there is no longer present. In the twinkling of an eye, generally before the last breath, the spirit body and the soul have left. Where they go is another story I must get back to the reason I am writing this presentation. 

I have established that the soul begins to take input from every possible source from the moment of conception and begins to prepare the spirit body and the physical body for birth and life. The soul perceives the condition of the mother and father including all of the soul qualities of the parents. Now consider that the parents have soul damage from their parents, and they from their parents and so on. This new soul incarnating in pristine condition with capabilities and powers beyond our conception begins to take on the prejudices, restrictions, fears, resentments of the parents. The soul also imprints these onto the spirit and physical bodies. And the love potential if that soul begins to be damaged or restricted by this new input. The damage is then imprinted onto the spirit and physical body and disease, suffering and pain become the accepted condition.

So how do we reverse this process is of course the question? How do I become the living powerful soul that I was designed to be with a perfect, healthy spirit and physical body? My friend that is the journey that I have undertaken for my life. At a very young age I recognized the relationships that I have described. I threw off the conventional beliefs I had been taught and sought the path to a pure heart. 

I feel I have been guided from the beginning to this place just as you have. It is not an accident that you are reading this. Those who are not seeking quit in the first paragraph. There are few who make it to the end and can feel the implications of what I have said in their own lives. 
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