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The Divine Health Center

  • We can help you achieve mastery of your life. 
  • We use assessment tools that give you a clear picture of current health issues and potential breakdowns.
  • We support growth in every aspect of your life for a complete transition to joy and abundance.
  • ​We provide personalized programs for every individual insuring that you can experience the optimum benefit.

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Adrenal exhaustion
Depression & Anxiety
Diabetes & Hypoglycemia
Digestive disorders
Fatigue, Anemia & Low Energy
Headaches, Migraines & Dizziness
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Inflammatory Conditions
Skin& Hair Problems
Weight Problems

What Can I Expect from My initial Session?

​Your first analysis consists of an in depth microscopy session with Selina where she will extract a droplet of blood from your finger and then analyze the blood using the microscope.  She will then project the specimen on the TV screen and show you any issues that might be revealed.   


Your health is entirely your responsibility.  You are what you eat, drink, think and feel.  This simple blood test is one important part of helping you to help yourself change your health for the better.
Selina is a gifted technician and a health intuitive.  The gift of her time and commitment to health has benefited hundreds of people who have been fortunate enough to receive her guidance.  Selina removed wheat and dairy products from her family diet 25 years ago, long before these ideas became popular.  She is a Medical Lab Technologist and a Certified Live Blood Analyst but her real gift is her intuitive understanding of how to harmonize and support the creation of physical and emotional health.  Her knowledge and experience in some areas far surpasses that of a Medical Doctor or Naturopath.  Working with her husband Sy, Selina also provides emotional healing support recognizing that emotions are a major contributor to disease.
Start Your Journey to Health with a discovery session.