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Proven Scientific Evidence of the Cause of Autoimmune Disorders 

Do you have:

chronic pain from,
an autoimmune disorder like arthritis, MS or fibromyalgia, 
IBS or colitis,
thyroid disease, 
chronic fatigue, 
heart disease or eczema?  

Do you have any physical pain or abdominal discomfort?

My Story

Never Give Up

Leaky gut will someday be acknowledged as the predominant health destroying condition we have in the western world.

One of my favorite pastimes is researching and learning about health. I do it for my own benefit, because it is my passion. I also do it because I need to know what the current knowledge is so that I can best help my clients.
What I learned this week was mind-blowing for me. I was watching a webinar, and the doctor was talking about colon health and disease. I already know what needs to be done to heal disease by solving colon and liver health in terms of diet, cleansing and supplementation, but what I didn’t know was how much proven scientific research there is to back up what I do.

The doctor in the webinar was talking about a lab in the U.S. that he uses to help his clients with their health issues. They will test your blood for immune responses that are going on in the body. 

This lab offers a set of tests they offer that really floored me. There is a test called Array 5 that will test your blood for 27 autoimmune diseases that have not yet manifested themselves in the body. They can even predict how long it will take to develop the disease. For instance, a woman that has had her thyroid weakened after the stress of pregnancy can expect Hashimoto’s thyroid disease in 7 years, given the presence of the specific antibodies in her blood. 

All the common autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis, MS, Type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, dementia, etc. can be tested for and a prognosis of the onset of disease determined. Amazing! Imagine knowing what you will get in the future, and being able to do something about it!

What this also says to me is that nothing is predetermined. It’s kind of like saying I have inherited sensitivity to arsenic. It actually kills me. It just happens to be a coincidence that it kills everybody else too. The cause of disease is rarely unique. The same things are toxic for all of us; we just have a different response. All we inherit is the response our immune system makes to foreign proteins. If the foreign proteins are removed or not allowed to occur in the first place, there is no disease or the disease can be healed.

The other thing that really shocked me was that researchers have also concluded that all autoimmune diseases are caused by leaky gut. All of them. We get different diseases, but they are all based in the same cause. The reason the manifestation of disease is different for everyone, is because we are genetically all different, developing disease in the most vulnerable parts of our physiology. The reason for the immune response to go awry is always because the lining of the intestine deteriorates and allows particles into the blood that don’t belong there.
When the gut damage becomes repaired, the body can now correct the immune system, allowing the damage from the misdirected antibodies to be healed.

Our bodies are not our enemy. They behave the way they are programmed to behave, much like your computer. They respond to the environment given to them exactly the way they are supposed to.

The recommendations I make to people for healing are based on this programmed physical response. I encourage them to remove foods from the body that are indigestible and destroy the gut lining. I give them cleansing and support for the liver to assist the healing process. A congested liver cannot carry the burden of a healing body. It too has been damaged along with the colon by the excessive demands placed on it. I provide supplements to treat infection, and other organ support as well if they have been damaged. 

The program I recommend is enough for the body to heal, in spite of the environmental toxins and other stresses that also create leaky gut that are much harder to control. These would include: indoor and outdoor air pollution, chemically contaminated water (internally and externally absorbed), depleted ozone layer, depleted nutrients in our food, and also possibly electromagnetic frequency toxicity. We also sit too much, don’t sleep enough, and experience stress and unhappiness. This is why we need to be on some type of ongoing health maintenance, to help the body with the toxins and stresses that cannot be eliminated from our modern lives.
I deal with leaky gut primarily by adjusting what goes into your mouth and by utilizing foods and supplements that encourage good health and nutrition, not deplete it. This is enough to make great changes in health. 

The other interesting thing I learned was that only one out of 8 people actually suffer from bowel or digestive discomfort when they have leaky gut. Just because you don’t have bowel symptoms, doesn’t mean that you don’t have leaky gut. You could have chronic pain, diabetes, fatigue, joint issues, headaches, hormonal imbalance etc. It is an endless list.

What Foods Causes Leaky Gut?

We have all heard over and over how toxic our environment is, how contaminated and over processed our food is, how bad prescription and over the counter drugs are, and how stressful our lives are. All of these contribute to leaky gut syndrome. 

The hardest reality for people to accept is that the foods we have always considered healthy, wheat and dairy, are the two biggest culprits causing intestinal permeability or leaky gut. The other two are our most addictive foods, caffeine and sugar. These four items create havoc on our intestinal lining. 

There are still lots of people out there claiming that the gluten, sugar, and dairy free diets are a myth and that we should just eat what makes us happy. They were saying the same thing 28 years ago when I went on a yeast (candida) cleansing diet. At the time, the medical system was saying that there was no such thing as yeast syndrome, and that the people supporting it were quacks. They also said that people suffering from the effects of yeast overgrowth were just suffering from mental health issues. I may be crazy, but I am not nuts! I am so grateful I didn’t listen to the naysayers out there. I am healthy today because I believed what I had learned about my illness. I had to push against many obstacles to achieve the health I wanted. Over the years, recognition and support of yeast syndrome has become widespread. However, yeast syndrome is just one facet of the problems related to leaky gut that I treat with my nutritional, cleansing and supplementation program. 

Leaky gut will someday be acknowledged as the predominant health destroying condition we have in the western world.

When better food choices are not giving you the results you want, it is because your body needs extra help to repair the long-term damage to the gut and liver that has been done over a lifetime. This is where I can provide the support and guidance you need to truly allow your body to heal itself. 

Call me and get back on track so that you can actually enjoy the benefits of a healthy body. Make all your hard work to be healthy pay off in abundant health!

Please accept my offer for an Exclusive Divine Health Discovery Session with me where we will uncover the challenges you may be currently experiencing in your health that are holding you back from the divine health you desire. 

To claim your complimentary session with me, go to: www.TheDivineHealthCenter.com  

I thank you for spending this time with me, and I wish you abundant divine health.

ps. If after reading this report you know of someone who would benefit from this information I give you complete permission to forward and share it with them. Help me with my mission to help people reclaim their health.
Selina Mytting 
Certified LBA, MLT

When I was in my late 20’s, I realized that I was following the same path as my mother in her health process. I had chronic sinusitis, severe constipation, chronic fatigue, dysmenorrhea (painful, heavy periods), bloating, allergies, chronic urinary tract and bladder infections, and extreme flatulence (so bad it was social debilitating). I had everything my Mom had except one-Multiple Sclerosis. I was terrified that the next thing on my list would be a debilitating neurological disorder. The doctors weren’t helping me much. They had me on antibiotics every other month, and I just seemed to be getting worse. I was also 10 years ahead of my mother on the health timeline, so I felt that developing an autoimmune disorder was in my cards. Inevitable. Genetic. But, I had never been one to let life steamroller over me. If I fought back, at least I wouldn’t be just another helpless victim of the writing in my own genetic code. I turned my life around with the Yeast Syndrome Diet. Twenty-eight years later, I am in superb health, surpassing many others my age with my health and youthfulness. Over the years, I have learned and experimented with many different health concepts, and I am now able to pass on my knowledge to others. 
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