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The Divine Health Center

  • We can help you achieve mastery of your life. 
  • We use assessment tools that give you a clear picture of current health issues and potential breakdowns.
  • We support growth in every aspect of your life for a complete transition to joy and abundance.
  • ​We provide personalized programs for every individual insuring that you can experience the optimum benefit.

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Selina was attracted to the health care industry and began her career as a lab technologist in the traditional medical model.  Very early she found in her own life health challenges that the medical model was not working for her or for many of her friends.  She removed wheat and dairy from the family diet 20 years before it became popular.  Her passions were rekindled and she took a live blood analysis certification course.  Selina soon realized that people needed total support not just an analysis and some supplements.  It is through her experience that the Divine Health Jump-start Program was developed.  Whether you are on the Jump-start program or seeking some guidance to better health you could be in no better hands than Selina's.
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